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On The Road with Elves Behavin’ Badly

500 Elves, on more than 40 lorry images, travelling over 1 million miles in the run up to Christmas!

As part of our massive 2018 marketing campaign, the entire PMS lorry fleet has been Elfiefied. PMS are pleased to unveil their sensational new and distinctive lorry livery. The fleet will be bearing 40 amusing and spectacular vinyls of us, Elves Behavin Badly.

PMS’ in-house photography and design teams have been working incredibly hard helping us produce the images for the lorries, ensuring we capture the mischief and fun associated with Elves Behavin’ Badly.

Distinctive and immediately recognisable, the liveried lorries will clock up in excess of a million road miles between them as they travel nationwide making deliveries between now and Christmas.

Paul Beverley, the Managing Director of PMS International, said: “With its distinctive visual appearance, the new Elves Behavin' Badly livery will make PMS' lorries some of the most recognisable on the roads. We are sure that the images of our elves will make people smile, and will become instantly memorable to all those who see them out and about.”

The full blown Elf Christmas consumer marketing campaign starts on the 1 November, and will be overseen by renowned creative marketing agency, Taylor Herring. Consumers can expect to see social media promotions, a viral video series and a Christmas advert. A number of high profile publicity stunts will also be rolled out nationwide, with a focus on London.

The lorries are already gathering plenty of attention, and to further engage our fans, a social media campaign will be launched to encourage you to share your snaps of the lorries in transit.

As part of our massive 2018 marketing campaign, see how many of our Road Trippin’ Elves you can spot!

Follow our social media channels to be the first to hear about our marketing campaign on the run up to Christmas.

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