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This Christmas the mischievous Elves Behavin’ Badly are back and naughtier than ever

Pick up your Elves Behavin’ Badly this December and have some fun!

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. It’s time to think about hanging the mistletoe, decorating the tree and jingling those bells, but there’s just one (or rather several) small things that one simply must do in order to get in the true Christmas spirit – pick up the striped legs of a pair of elves from the Elves Behavin’ Badly gang and get mischievous!

This December the iconic elves are back and they’re behavin’ even more disgracefully. Dismissed from Elftoria and given their P45’s, they are seeking revenge. In light of this the team behind Elves Behavin’ Badly, PMS International, are making a public call to tell people ‘Don’t Bring Your Elves to Work…but they might just invite themselves!’ That’s right, this very naughty pair of elves are hoping consumers will purchase them to help Elfie and Elvie, the troublesome pair at the centre of the chaos, cause mayhem in workplaces and homes all over the UK.

This year the elves aren’t alone in their mischief, Joey Essex is getting a slice of the naughty and ‘salty’ Christmas action. In a mischievous film, Joey is seen falling victim to the elves’ pranks, and now wants consumers all over the UK to pick some up and play some pranks of their own. From leaving an elf poking out of the drawer of your colleague’s desk, to putting the elves in a risqué position as your mates come over for dinner - get creative, get naughty and have some fun, after all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

It seems that this Christmas it’s not all about making the nice list, the naughty list is double the trouble and double the fun. These cheeky characters make the perfect secret Santa gift, stocking filler or even for yourself. Look out for the red and white striped legs of Elfie and Elvie in retail stores and retail online, including, Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, W.H.Smith, The Works, Poundstretcher, The Range and other leading retailers from November where they’re looking to cause pre-Christmas pandemonium.There is an exciting range of products starting at an RRP of £1.00.

Keep an eye on social media too for hilarious footage of Joey and the elves as well as a series of daily December dares prompting pranks and chaos!

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