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Elves Behavin ’Badly meets the Great British Bake Off - On your marks, get set... BAKE!

After the long-awaited new series of The Great British Bake off, Elfie and Elvie have been up to mischief again but this time, in the PMS kitchen. Along with the help of Hazel Jackson, our B2B Administrator, the Elves have put together their very own Showstopper Masterpiece!

It didn’t take long for the Elves to vanish beneath fluffy flour clouds, covering each other in festive food colouring and causing chaos with the whisk, creating a showpiece that would make Mary Berry proud.

The completed masterpiece was shared around the office where employees could not praise the cake highly enough, with comments including: "My slice of fruit cake was the best I have ever had, but who snuck in a piece of Lego?" , "Why are there elf teeth marks in my icing?" and "We never knew you Elves had such a sweet tooth!"

It’s no surprise as Elfie & Elvie do try to stick to the 4 main food groups:



Candy Canes

Candycane Cake

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