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Spreading Elf Love at BlogOnXmas Hotel Football

Elves Behavin’ Badly spread Elf Love at Blog On Xmas in Manchester last weekend. The festive conference was bustling with over 200 Bloggers from across the country. PMS International’s resident elves Elfie and Elvie were on hand to cause mischief.

While the naughty elves posed for Elfie Selfie’s throughout the day, they bumped into The Grinch! Bloggers stood on tiptoes to hold hands with the giant stilt-walking Elfie and Elvie and take part in the “Selfie with Elfie” Competition. During their break, bloggers were able to see the Elves Behavin’ Badly and find out how to Join the Elf Revolution!

Elves Behavin’ Badly showed off the original Elfie, his female Elf companion Elvie, the impossibly cute Elf triplets and even Rudie the Reindeer, all of which are instantly recognisable by their big ears. Alongside the original Elves Behavin’ Badly vinyl-faced dolls, bloggers saw some of the new accessories including; Elf Sleigh, Elf Post Box, Elf Swing and Best Seller the Elf Surveillance camera.

These new lines have been designed to help the Elves go about their mischief making and to inspire even more scenes that are guaranteed to entertain young and old each morning when they find out what the Elves have been up to overnight!

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