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Elftoria- Lesson 1 - How to Behave Badly Everywhere

Every Elf has to attend Elftoria - The Official Training Academy of the Elves Behavin' Badly. It's a tough regime and not every Elf is naughty enough to graduate. It all starts with Lesson 1 - How to Behave Badly Everywhere! Find out how Elfie and Elvie got on watch the video below and whether they made it to Lesson 2

Sitting in the classroom isn't easy for any Elf. They find it hard to concentrate and not cause mischief. Notice Elfie and Elvie sitting at the back passing notes to each other. Wonder if the teacher will notice??

When they graduate Elves Behavin' Badly can be sent around the world, Elfie and Elvie must brush up on their Geography skills to ensure they are ready for their final Elves Behavin' Badly geography exam.

After lessons they secretly meet up and practice How to Behave Badly in preparation for their final exams, Drawing on fruit is one of their favourite tricks!

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