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Elftoria Lesson 2 - Elf & Fitness

Elftoria Training Academy cadets successfully move on from Lesson 1 (How to Behave Badly Everywhere) to Lesson 2 Elf & Fitness. Essential skills mastered during Elves Behavin' Badly second lesson are strength, agility, flexibility. Watch the video below and discover what makes Lesson 2 magical.

Every Elf must be fit and healthy to cope with the demands of the Christmas Countdown ahead of them. It's not easy getting up to mischief for 25 consecutive days. Causing havoc in homes and offices across the country demands stamina, imagination and confidence.

Whether scaling curtains, hiding in dark cupboards or drawing on unsuspecting fruit, graduate Elves like Elfie and Elvie must be prepared to be naughty in seconds! Practical pranks demand discipline and planning for full effect - just look at the Splat below!

For more ideas don't forget to check out the Hints and Tips pages.

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