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Chilly Chic Fashion Show - Elfie and Elvie Sleigh the Catwalk!

Not only did the Elves get to venture into the world of Fashion Modelling, but they got to star alongside some of North Pole’s most famous models, Elf Macpherson & Elsie Klum.

Camera shy, these Elves are not! They thrived off of the crowd’s cheers, camera flashes and photographers comments … ‘Perfect Elvie, look this way’, ‘Work those hips’ and ‘That’s it, we’ve got the shot!’.

See for yourself how much the paparazzi loved their show! Watch the video of Chilly Chic Fashion

Still in a daze, the Elves finally get the time to chill out in their very own ‘Elf Lorren’ jumpers.

For the latest Elf Lorren Fashion Collection visit the site

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