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Dangers to avoid when training - Elftoria Lesson 4

It can be tricky training to be part of the Elves Behavin' Badly troupe and graduating Elftoria is no easy task. As Elfie and Elvie progressed through their first few lessons, it came to their attention that simply learning to misbehave, getting their Elf & Fitness sorted and Caring for Reindeer isn't enough.

An Elf worthy of graduation needs to be prepared for every obstacle in their way. Making mischief every day in December until Christmas Day is hard work!

As they draw close to graduation it's the unpredictable weather conditions and busy night sky on Christmas Eve that catches out many Elves who dream of joining the Elf Revolution.

Elvie and Elfie have master the art of Stilt Walking, Monkey Bars and controlling Santa's sleigh as Christmas Eve gets closer they rehearse daily to hone their skills ready for the 24th December.

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