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Elves Behavin’ Badly and Havens Hospice

We headed over to spread some Christmas Cheer at the Havens Hospice this week, a local charity that cares for babies, children and teenagers who have serious life-limiting conditions providing respite and end of life care and support for families.

Our Havens Hospice delivery got there in time for the Little Havens Elf themed Christmas Party. The staff said, "We think the children are going to have lots of fun with these cheeky elves in the countdown to Christmas!" You can follow what the Elves have been up to with Little Havens over on their Twitter page

Our little Elves Behavin’ Badly will be there causing mischief. We dropped over some Elf essentials including Elfie, Elvie and accessories to help staff. They are now fully equipped to create fun scenes each morning and bring a smile to visitors and residents. We even left some Reindeer food to make sure Santa’s Sleigh reaches this important destination on Christmas Eve.

Here's Elfie hanging out in the Haven Hospice garden.

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